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Introducing a new product we have created - DEVINE DREAMS EYE PILLOW to deepen your meditation and relax sore, tired, puffy eyes. See below Zafu for delicious details..

Zafu Meditation Cushions

Filled with un-fumigated chemical free Kapok fibre. Our Zafu’s provide soft yet supportive relief whilst meditating enabling better focus by tilting the pelvis forward straightening the spine!

Zafu's give more surface area for you to sit on, which helps alleviate legs falling to sleep and especially assists the comfort level for larger people. Beginners may benefit from placing baby rolls or rolled towels beneath your knees.

Zafu’s size, shape, size & sloping angle has been said to be "perfect" for enhanced meditation practice. It is ideally suited to the Burmese or cross-legged position. 

Slight compaction will occur with use however Kapok has the unique ability to ‘Puff up’ by being placed in direct sunlight. Fortnightly is preferable but not critical.

Regular is 50cm from tip to tip x 18cm deep at back x 7cm at front = $45 includes postage to anywhere in Australia.
Removable Zippered covers additional = $20

Large is 60cm from tip to tip x 25cm deep at back x 7cm at front = $55 includes postage to anywhere in Australia.
Removable Zippered covers additional = $25

Huge variety of covers to choose from not just those in the picture, you can email us for images or put in notes at the end of your order what your colour and fabric preference is and we will let you know what is available Ok.

Pinwale cord in Burgundy, Blue, Tan, Pale Grey or Lavender. Thick cord in Silver Grey or Blue. Purple or Blue Velvet. Crushed Stretch Velvet in Red or Turquoise, Brown Cotton. Subject to availability. We have a few ROUND ZAFU please email us for info and images.

Use variants above this description to make your selection.

Pregnancy/Breast Feeding Pillows
Allergy free support during pregnancy for you & your growing baby. Then the soft support of Kapok provides a perfect resting place for baby whilst breast feeding as inner curve sits snugly around the waist for stability.

To provide support during pregnancy you can slip your zafu under your belly whilst side sleeping. You can also use them behind the head and neck whilst sitting in bed reading or working.

The Zafu makes a charming, useful and ethical addition to any pillow collection.

You can place orders through the shopping cart on this site, you can also email us or you are welcome to call us directly on 0482 771 027. We use Australia Post.

Disclaimer: The inner shell of this product is made using calico. Calico is unbleached cotton and as such it is prone to random circular marks. This is a natural occurrence in calico and in no way detracts from the quality of your bolster or zafu.

Goldilocks appreciates your understanding.

DEVINE DREAMS - Organic Brown Linseed with a sprinkle of Mugwort & Australian Sandalwood in a cotton shell with a cotton removable washable cover

Deepen your mediation and relaxation with an eye pillow - $30 includes post within Australia.

Lie down & get comfortable, put a shallow pillow beneath your head and a bolster or rolled towel beneath your knees if you want. Drape your eye pillow over your eyes and drift away. You can put your eye pillow in the fridge to cool or warm it gently in a microwave. Take care not to overheat as it will destroy the properties of the oil & herbs or may scald your eyes.

Sandalwood – Santalum spicatum from West Australia – Long used for its exquisite scent & exceptional spiritual benefits including healing & cleansing the mind & body, grounding, calming, improving mental clarity, stills the mind & promotes focus, deepens meditation, psychic protector, relaxant and helps promote sound sleep. [Compilation of information from various sources]

Mugwort was considered the 'universal herb for protection and prophecy' throughout the ancient world. Dedicated to Artemis and Diana, Mugwort was used to relieve pain, induce healing, enhance psychic powers and stimulate lucid dreaming. Known as the visionary herb, Mugwort is still used today to increase psychic powers and burnt as a ‘transporting’ incense for divination. Native Americans burn Mugwort as a ‘smudge’ to purify the spiritual and physical environment. Also known as the 'traveller’s herb for protection', Roman soldiers placed Mugwort inside their sandals for endurance on long marches. One Roman general recorded that his men marched 10 miles further, as well as faster. In ancient China and Japan, Mugwort was hung in open doorways to exorcise the spirits of disease. The ancient Europeans did the same to ward off evil spirits. These two separated cultures also believed that the supernatural powers of Mugwort were revealed by mermaids who came from the sea to present the herb for the good of humankind. It was also known as Sailor's Tobacco, as it was used as an alternative when sailors ran out of tobacco at sea and was once the staple ingredient in beer before Hops was introduced. [Compilation of information from various sources]

In modern herbalism, Mugwort is used relax the nervous system and leaves smoked for a dreamy, relaxed effect. Mugwort may be used at night to induce colourful and lucid dreaming. Place under pillow slips for astral traveling and fanciful dreams. - Happy Herb Company.

Note: Mugwort can cause nightmares and restless dreams leading to lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep. Some say that Mugwort is the most reality altering of all the psychoactive herbs they have tried. These effects are most pronounced with long term exposure to the herb. – Australian Vaporisers.


Inspired , Created & Made in the northern rivers New South Wales, Australia by Jewels -0482 771 027

For more information on the eco, health properties and history of kapok just head over to our info section.

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