Product Care

Caring for Kapok

Being a natural fiber there is compaction over time however Kapok possesses the unique ability to ‘puff back up’ when placed in sunlight. Therefore regular airing/refreshing is super good for you and your pillows and mattress [monthly or as needed is preferable but not critical].

Kapok is also naturally anti-bacterial therefore dust/bed mites cannot live in them and being moisture resistant it will not soak up your sweat nor mould. You can place pillows in a dryer on low with a tennis ball or two for about 15mins. Care instructions are on the label. 

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Pictured: Mattresses Before Sunning (1.) and After Sunning (2.)

There is no need to beat kapok, in fact beating breaks-down the natural fibre faster. Kapok is happy to be pushed and moved into your desired shape.

You can adjust the amount of fill in your pillow by unzipping or unpicking the stitched opening and removing the fibre (stitched openings will require re-sewing the seam). Keep your Kapok aside in a clip-lock bag or jar in case you want to add it again in the future. Or you can use it to stuff an environmentally friendly doll or you can line a beanie, gloves or neck warmer for thermal protection.

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Pictured: Pillow range, Hand Stitched (1.) Organic Cotton Shell with Zip (2.)

Pillows and mattresses filled with Kapok have many advantages over their conventional counterparts. Kapok fiber is lightweight, chemical free and hypo-allergenic. Kapok is a natural fiber and people with allergies or asthma should be aware of this. We are happy to send you a free sample, just email us OK.

Kapok even floats because of its short light hollow fibers, popular in Mae West type life vests and yachts pillows and mattresses. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, sustainable, natural, chemical free, non-toxic, fairly traded, naturally organic, vegan eco-fiber.

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