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Temporarily unavailable until I find a casual worker near South Murwillumbah who is not assisting with the clean up of the floods. I will let you know when we are up and running again. Meanwhile you are welcome to email or phone your order through. 0428 393 412   julie@goldilocksnaturalbedding.com.au

Fresh supplies of luscious KapoK fiber have arrived. Hand made by us here in Australia. Super snug, non-toxic warmth, with cloud like Grade 1 KapoK fiber fill in Oeko-Tex® cotton casings that breathes. This is as vegan, sustainable and chemical free as you can get.

Sizes: All standard sizes available in Cot, Single, Double, Queen & King, Super King too.

Styles: All our doona cases have walled channels. You can choose open channel which allows the KapoK to shift up and down the channel or a nylon T-Bar or hand-stitched notch added every 15 cm/6", to prevent shifting of the Kapok filling (a gentle shake will reset/resettle your KapoK fiber).
Note: The short nylon T-tags can not be felt beneath a doona cover and offer a less expensive option than our hand-stitched version. 

We have developed a unique filling technique that adds an extra dimension of loft to our ridiculously divine lightweight yet warm and snug doona's.

Cot from - $245

Single 140 x 210cm from - $325

Double 180 x 210cm from - $385

Queen 210 x 210cm from - $455

King 240 x 210cm from - $535

Super King 240 x 240cm from - $635

Clik  into the variants and the drop downs will show you the differing costs.

I have been trialling KapoK Doona's for 15 years now to work out the best configuration and weights. I find that the thermal properties of KapoK are outstanding and KapoK fibre's breathe-ability is second to none. June 2021 I have just tested my regular fill doona in 2 degrees in a recent trip south and found it to be perfect.

KapoK's thermal properties are sometimes remarked upon by contented clients as having the ability to breathe so well that it can be used in Australia’s autumn and spring as well as throughout winter.

Our KapoK fiber is chemical free. No chemicals are used in the growing,  cleaning, transportation or importation of our fantastic selection of naturally organic KapoK bedding products. Unfumigated / No fumigation. Estimated life span is 10-20 years. So you can consider this an investment in your comfort and health.

KapoK is the best reasonably priced hypo-allergenic, lightweight but snug and warm non-toxic alternative to synthetics. A natural fiber, ideal for Vegan’s as it is cruelty free, it comes from the fallen seed pods of a giant rain-forest tree.

Additionally KapoK is moisture proof so it will not soak up your sweat, your quilt/doona cover will so wash your cover not your doona. And KapoK fiber is naturally antibacterial so bed bugs and dust mites will not live in it.

You can read lots about KapoK eco-fiber properties, history and uses in our info section.