Your pillow or doona is made here in Australia, it takes 2-5 days. Price includes postage to anywhere in Aust. and arrives in a reusable vacuum bag. Standard Pillows from $125 - Organic cotton or Hemp shell with or without zip.

Have you spent hundreds of $ in pursuit of the perfect pillow? Are you looking for chemical free pillows, doonas and mattresses to buy in Australia? We spend a third or more of our lives in bed so it makes sense that our sleeping space is as cosy, comfortable, luxurious and as toxin free as possible. Read on - KapoK is your answer.

Goldilocks Natural Bedding uses sustainably gathered naturally organic KapoK [plant=Vegan Certified] fiber that has its own natural anti-bacterial [no bed bugs or dust mites] & moisture resistant [no mold or mildew] properties. Like all natural fibers KapoK does compress with use however, unlike other 'natural' fibers KapoK has the unique ability to 'FLUFF' up when placed in sunlight, ensuring lofty, lushness eliminating perceptions of limp lumpy pillows and mattresses.

We source and hand-make our products here in Australia. We do import the fiber, mats and mattresses because expert makers are in Vietnam and mattresses are in production right now. You are welcome to register your interest as a pre-order. Please go to the mattress category read all about our new mattress system.

Email us for a free sample of KapoK fiber, be sure you include your mailing address.

Goldilocks wishes to assure you that we have been applying best practice precautions to minimise transmission of COVID19. Sleep well, stay well.

At Goldilocks we take our eco-impact seriously. We  are 100% committed to and aware of KapoK fiber and fabrics journey from cradle to compost.

KapoK Eco-fiber

*KAPOK eco-fiber has the smallest
carbon footprint. The chemicals found in many mass-produced petro-chemical
pillows, doona’s & mattresses, include diisocyanates such as MDI & TDI,
which may be harmful to your respiratory health, may irritate your skin and may
even be carcinogenic. All of the products in the bedding system Goldilocks creates
are free of flame retardants, free of chemicals and adhesives and made with the
highest-quality natural materials that require no processing & support the
health and happiness of you, your family and the planet. Sleep well!

Pillow Comparison-Australia-2021 -Kapok-Wool-Down-Dacron-Buckwheat-Latex-Memory Foam/Gel

Winter is coming- KapoK filled Doona Luxury

KapoK fiber burn flammability test 2020

Smallest Eco-impact

Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, vegan and cruelty-free, Goldilocks Natural Bedding sleep system is super low-impact and unfumigated, yes you read correctly NO FUMIGATION. Created from the worlds most sustainable Eco-fibre. KapoK generates the smallest eco-footprint whilst providing a comfortable, chemical free, affordable, durable, sustainable natural fiber bedding system. More info about KapoK in info pages. For info about the bamboo green wash visit:

Why Goldilocks?

We chose Goldilocks for our brand because we believe that KAPOK fiber bedding systems are JUST RIGHT. Just right for humans to enjoy comfortable affordable luscious sleeping & just right for the environment because KAPOK eco-fiber is chemical free and has the smallest carbon footprint. We spend 8-10 hours a day/night in our beds so it makes sense to create as toxin free space as possible.

The chemicals found in many mass-produced petro-chemical pillows & mattresses, include diisocyanates such as MDI & TDI, which may be harmful to your respiratory health, may irritate your skin & may even be carcinogenic. All of the products in our bedding system are free of chemical flame retardants, and chemical adhesives, and filled with the highest-quality natural materials that require no processing & support the health and happiness of you, your family, your pets and the planet 100%.

Available for your comfort are Heavenly Head Sleep Pillows, doonas / quilt / comforter / duvet, mattresses / mattress, zafu meditation cushions and mats in a variety of sizes to cater for multiple types of sleep needs and yoga styles. New to the collection: PERFECT PUPPY PILLOW / SMALL DOG / CAT BED. Mold, Mite & Toxin free.

Your pillows & doona's will arrive via Aus Post in a vacuum bag which you can re-use.

"From grass roots to You. Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries"

Our Vision statement:  "To provide a chemical free, durable value for money bedding system".
Our Mission statement: “Sustainable job creation, bringing affordable organic natural fiber bedding solutions to everyday Australian's”.       

KapoK is making a comeback

As we become more consumer conscious we are wanting to know the story behind the products we use. Goldilocks has taken the journey from cradle to compost so that you can rest easy knowing that each stage of your natural bedding system has the smallest eco-footprint with low eco-miles giving you the most ethical and eco-friendly sleep system available.



We acknowledge the First Australians as the traditional custodians of the continent and we pay our respect to Elders past, present, and emerging.

Natural Anti-bacterial odor

Disclaimer: Several clients have contacted us recently inquiring about an odor coming when opening their KapoK product . I would like to reassure you that this is the odor of the natural anti-bacterial of the fiber. Usually a couple of hours in the sunshine or a day out of the packing will diminish the odor. Please contact us if you have any further concerns.

Return and refund policy

You can see a link to our full policy on the checkout footer, order review page, and menus page.

                              PLEASE NOTE: -Australian Consumer Law advises that quilts/doona's, mattresses and pillows  are unfortunately not eligible for returns due to health regulations.