Discover the wonders of Kapok!

Goldilocks Natural Bedding uses naturally organic, hypo-allergenic Kapok [plant] fiber that has its own anti-bacterial, anti-mould and moisture resistant properties. Kapok is harvested from the fallen seed pods of a majestic tree. 

Non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free, Goldilocks Natural Bedding sleep system is durable & low-impact, created from a truly sustainable Eco Fibre. Email us for a sample of fiber &/or fabric, make sure you include your mailing address.

Why Goldilocks?

We chose Goldilocks as our brand because we consider KAPOK fiber bedding systems to be JUST RIGHT. Just right for humans to have affordable non-toxic sleeping and just right for the environment because KAPOK fiber has the smallest carbon footprint.

"From grass roots to You. Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries"

Our Vision statement:  "To provide a chemical free, durable value for money bedding system".
Our Mission statement: “Sustainable job creation, bringing affordable organic natural fiber bedding solutions to everyday Australian's”.