Welcome to a comfortable, sustainable, chemical free, affordable, durable natural fiber bedding system handmade here in Australia.

Have you spent hundreds of $ in pursuit of the perfect pillow? Are you looking for a chemical free mattress to buy in Australia? We spend a third of our lives or more in beds so it makes sense our sleeping space be as  comfortable and non-toxic as possible . KapoK is your answer.

Goldilocks Natural Bedding uses naturally organic, hypo-allergenic KapoK [plant] fiber that has its own anti-bacterial [no dust mites] & moisture resistant [no mold / mould or mildew] properties. Kapok is sustainably harvested from the seed pods of a majestic tree and KapoK 'FLUFF's' up when placed in sunlight putting to rest claims of clumpy fiber pillows and lumpy mattresses.

Non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free, Goldilocks Natural Bedding sleep system is durable & low-impact, created from the worlds most sustainable Eco Fibre. Email us for a free sample of KapoK fiber &/or fabric, make sure you include your mailing address.

Why Goldilocks?

We chose Goldilocks as our brand because we believe that KAPOK fiber bedding systems are JUST RIGHT. Just right for humans to enjoy comfortable affordable luscious chemical free sleeping & just right for the environment because KAPOK eco-fiber has the smallest carbon footprint.

The chemicals found in many mass-produced petro-chemical pillows & mattresses, include diisocyanates such as MDI & TDI, which may be harmful to your respiratory health, may irritate your skin & may even be carcinogenic. All of the products in the bedding system that we create are free of chemical flame retardants, free of chemical adhesives, and made with the highest-quality natural materials that require no processing & support the health and happiness of you, your family and the planet 100%. Coming soon the PERFECT PUPPY PILLOW/ SMALL DOG BED

About KapoK

"From grass roots to You. Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries"

Our Vision statement:  "To provide a chemical free, durable value for money bedding system".
Our Mission statement: “Sustainable job creation, bringing affordable organic natural fiber bedding solutions to everyday Australian's”.       

Why is KapoK making a comeback

Why Naturally Organic. As we become more consumer conscious we are questioning the story behind the products we use. Goldilocks has taken the journey from cradle to compost so that you can rest easy knowing that each stage of your natural bedding system is the most ethical and eco-friendly available.

And you are in good company because recent stats from the U S Dept of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service show, “Consumer demand for organically produced goods continues to show double-digit growth." WIN WIN