About Us & Our Products

Goldilocks Natural Bedding founder, Julie Emery has been trading in Timorese handcraft since 1990. This KapoK natural bedding business began in 1995 as a grass roots collaboration with villagers in West Timor who wild harvest the KapoK and has since expanded into Vietnam for a reliable source of high quality KapoK filled Mattresses, mats, protectors, and toppers that have GOTS fabric shells.

We make your pillows and doona's, quilt's, duvet's, comforter's here using Australian sourced hemp fabric and organic cotton fabric and engage local seamstresses to make the shells/inners for our range. We leave the mattress making to the experts in Vietnam who craft the mats and mattresses in our range.

"From grass roots to You. Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries"

Goldilocks is cognisant of the impact of our venture. We have examined packaging, eco-miles and the cradle to compost components of our business. We exercise stewardship in as many aspects of our product creation as possible. As such we seek to minimise the impact of our products on our planets eco-systems benefiting customers health in a number of ways including using minimal and/or recycled packaging.

It is also our intention to contribute a percentage of profits to culturally and geographically appropriate development projects. Such as a solar cooker we are designing in collaboration with Timorese NGO's.

Sleep on a KapoK mattress, under a KapoK doona; atop a Kapok pillow; and align your body with a KapoK sleep or yoga bolster or meditation cushion.

Our Products

All Goldilocks Natural Bedding products are filled with Grade 1 Superfine KapoK fiber fill [pictured below] with the exception of our cotton wadding mats. KapoK is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fair trade, chemical free eco fibre fill [lots more great info under INFO].

We specialise in Heavenly Head Pillows, Mattresses, Cot Mattress, a full range of doona's, duvet, quilt, comforters as well as mediation / play / rest mats and zafu / breast feeding cushions. Newly added is our Devine Dream Eye Pillow cek it out under the Zafu listing in categories.

We can provide varying quantities of KapoK fibre filling for you to create your own fabulous KapoK products. KapoK has thermal properties and makes an ideal non-toxic fill for soft toys.  

Wild harvested every year from the fallen seed pods of a majestic rainforest tree Ceiba pentandra, KapoK fiber needs no processing to use. There are no chemicals used in the growing, processing or importation of our KapoK.

When cleaned we are left with a beautiful golden heavenly soft yet supportive hollow fibre that is so lightweight that it floats! Benefits beyond boundaries.

Kapok has been used for centuries by traditional people throughout the equatorial belt of the globe as their natural non-toxic bedding. Sometimes called jungle silk our kapok is fairly traded with villagers throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. From grass roots to you.

Cleaned Kapok Fiber Kapok seed pod   That's my daughter at age 12 leaning against a KapoK tree.

Ph: 0482 771027 - please leave a message if I am unavailable to answer.

email me;  hello@goldilocksnaturalbedding.com.au

Goldilocks is making a move to Bingara NSW in September 2022 where we will establish ourselves and in time open a shop presence in town.