FAQ's - Frequently asked questions


Why did you start this business?

Having slept quite comfortably on KapoK mattresses using kapok pillows and with sailors comforts / dutchwives sleeping bolsters during my many visits to Indonesia over the last 25 years I noted a lack of comfortable, sustainable, non-toxic, durable [10-20 years]  yet compostable, hypo-allergenic, revivable, lightweight bedding systems on the Australian market.

KapoK fiber is soft and supportive in our pillows yet also firm when tightly packed in our mattresses. Therefore KapoK creates a pillow that is not rock solid like Latex which is the only other natural medium that comes close to ticking all the boxes that KapoK does but it is very unforgiving to sleep on. Buckwheat pillows are limited in availability, heavy, fumigated and noisy beneath your head.

KapoK is an excellent vegan option as it is not animal by-product.

Kapok is naturally anti-bacterial [dust mites can’t live in it], moisture resistant [wont soak up your sweat or go mouldy], and JUST RIGHT for both us humans and the environment.

I had a KapoK mattress and pillow as a kid and it was hard and lumpy!  Why?

Some of my clients have a recollection of lumpy pillows and mattresses from their childhood. What we often did not know is that like all natural fibers there is slight compaction over time however KapoK possesses the unique ability to ‘puff back up’ like new when placed in sunlight. Therefore regular airing [monthly or every 2 months] is super good for refreshing you and your pillow.

Could you please advise how your Kapok doonas and pillows can be cleaned? Can they be machine washed?

Hi and Thanks for your inquiry.
Because Kapok is naturally moisture/water resistant [will not mold, soak up sweat or spills] as well as naturally anti-bacterial [dust / bed mites cannot live in it ] then it really does not need to be washed. In fact because of KapoK's water resistant properties it will tend to clump if washed and only lots and lots of patient teasing will partially restore it to its pre-wash glory. This is from experience! [Well I had to try]

Really it is only the shell that may need to be washed. This is achievable with a pillow that has a zipper. You can remove the fiber and put it outside in the sunshine into a large tub or bowl with a fridge or oven grate, weighed down with a rock, covering the opening of the bowl or tub while you wash the pillow shell.

This is not possible with our Doona's.

Realistically if you use a doona cover then it is only the doona cover that will need washing.

Because of KapoK's water resistant properties the best advice if there is a spill is to wipe it up immediately, remove the cover and let the pillow or doona shell dry before using it again.
So, no Kapok cannot be washed nor does it need dry cleaning.
I hope this helps.

My partner is a heavy head sweater will KapoK be affected by this?

As per information above it will only be the shell of the pillow that will absorb sweat therefore the best thing that you can do is use a pillow protector [organic if you wish] or two and a pillow case or two and then just was the protector or case.

Can you feel the join in the centre if you put two mattresses side by side?

Clients have asked me if it is possible to feel the join in the centre – my response is that this is what is called a split system. As per the description on the mattresses offering page KapoK is a fantastic lightweight alternative to wool, latex or cotton. Having 2 mattresses makes them super easy to lift and rotate or flip end to end or take outside to refresh in the sunshine.

1/ if you have a mattress protector, no.

2/ if you sleep one side of the bed or the other, it wont matter.

3/ you can barely feel the join as the mattresses are the same height..... so another no.

Why poly-cotton shells on naturally organic KapoK mattresses you ask?

The reasoning is that if the KapoK fiber fill is moisture resistant and the shell is also moisture resistant you can use a cotton under-blanket or an organic mattress topper beneath your sheet that is much easier to wash than the shell of a mattress.

KapoK has remarkable breathing ability and the poly-cotton does not impede that.