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Goldilocks Natural Bedding

Regular price $1,045.00

Filled with luscious sustainable KapoK fiber our mattresses are light and easy to handle, firm and supportive, they resist moisture, mildew / mould along with natural anti-bacterial properties in which dust mites and bed bugs cannot live. Completely chemical free. No flame retardants. No fumigation / Unfumigated.

We are using a new system of 3 mattresses laid horizontally across the width of the bed instead of the previous 2 mattress split system in which the mattresses met vertically down the middle of the bed. As an extra bonus these mattress shells are made with Okeo-Tex® cotton fabric. Making our sleep system the most organic available in Australia.

The thinking here is that the middle of our beds is where the most compaction occurs so, by having mattresses horizontally you will be able to switch out top to middle, bottom to middle, bottom to top etc to suit your comfort needs.

The mattresses are 15cm deep and we offer washable KapoK filled mattress toppers / protectors which are full size for double, queen, king and super kings that you can put on top of your 2 or 3 mattress system. These toppers are appx 2-3cm deep taking the total depth to 17-18cm of luxurious chemical free sleep. The cases of the protectors / toppers / mat shells are made with organic Okeo-Tex® double knit jersey fabric. See separate listing.

Because KapoK is so light you can easily rotate the middle one, which is where the most compaction occurs, to swap with the top or bottom mattress to evenly distribute the heights and avoid that mid-bed sag. You will be able to flip, rotate and/or carry  your mattress outside to puff up in sunshine with ease.

Measurements and weights are appx. Our mattresses are hand made not by a factory and therefore slight variations in weight occur. However KapoK is flexible and forgiving allowing you to butt your mattresses together to fit your bed base. Freight included.

Single - 92cm W x 187cm L x 15cm D   [8kg] * = $1045

Long Single - 92cm W x 203cm L x 15cm D  [9kg appx]* = $1135

King Single - 107cm W x 203cm L x 15cm D [10kg appx]* = $1295

Double [Split-system] ~ 3 mattresses = 140cm W x 188cm L x 15cm D [8kg each mattress appx]* = $1745 total       [each mattress size = 46cm W x 188cm L]

Queen [Split-system] ~ 3 mattresses = 153cm W x 200cm L x 15cm D [6kg each mattress]* = $1955 total         [each mattress size = 153cm W x 68cm L]

King [Split-system] ~ 3 mattresses = 183cm W x 204cm L x 15cm D [9kg each mattress]* = $2300 total           [each mattress size = 183cm W x 68cm L]

Super King [Split-system] ~ 3 mattresses = 204cm L x 205cm W x 15cm D [10kg each mattress]* = $2550 total            [each mattress size = 204cm W x 68cm L]

*Advised to measure your bed! A recent client found  for wooden bed bases at a very good price.

Our mattresses are filled with KapoK fiber which is a truly chemical free, sustainable, Eco-friendly, natural, vegan alternative which does not require processing other than cleaning seeds and debris to create the smallest Eco-footprint fiber fill in the world. Long lasting too. Your KapoK mattress will last up to 20 years or more and is fully compostable at the end of its life.

Mattresses and protectors are being made in Vietnam and are of a very high quality. Goldilocks sent in a checker to do due diligence and found the work place safety and work place culture well above standards we have previously encountered in Indonesia.

MATS / TOPPERS / PROTECTORS [see separate listing] are appx 2-3cm thick and are perfect for daytime resting, meditation, yoga practice or zen thai shiatsu massage, carry one in the car [roll up and store away], a spare mattress, or as a topper for your mattress. If you have a conventional mattress and wish to put a natural chemical free layer between you and the mattress these toppers are perfect. Toppers come with elasticised corners.

The shells of these protectors / toppers / mats are Organic Okeo-Tex® double knit jersey fabric filled with scrumptious KapoK. These protectors/mats can be washed on the delicate cycle of your washing machine or by hand using wool soap. Dry by hanging over 2 lines of your clothes line or laying over bushes or your outdoor table.

Order under MATS category:

70cm x 160cm = $290 - Yoga

90cm x 190cm = $425 - Single

90cm x 200cm = $455 - Long Single

107cm x 203cm = $525 - King Single

140cm x 190cm = $655 - Double

153cm x 203cm = $725 - Queen

183cm x 203cm = $845 - King

203cm x 203cm = $945 - Super King

Freight to anywhere in Australia is included in the price. 

KapoK comes from the wild-harvested windfall seed pods of a majestic tree. KapoK is soft yet supportive giving us a comfortable, durable, affordable option to chemically treated cotton, wool, faux latex, foams, gels and other petrochemical synthetics that mattresses are commonly made with.

KapoK is hypo-allergenic & non-toxic with its own natural anti-bacterial properties which means that dust mites/ bed bugs cannot live in it. Another unique property is KapoK's hollow fibers; firstly this makes the fiber moisture resistant meaning that your mattress and pillows cannot go moldy or mildewy and will not soak up your sweat.

Secondly this makes your mattresses light and super easy to lift for rotation, flipping or placing out in the sunshine to take advantage of KapoK's other unique property.     

As with all natural fibers there is compaction with use however KapoK loves a good sunning and will 'puff' back up when placed in direct sunshine for a couple of hours. Monthly is great but not critical.

Decades ago when only straw, horse hair or KapoK was used in mattresses KapoK had a reputation for clumping or being lumpy. This was because we did not know that putting our mattresses and pillows out into the sunshine would 'puff' them back up removing the lumps and bumps. Soft yet supportive sleep returned.

KapoK is the most environmentally eco-friendly, economical, fairly traded, naturally organic, vegan fiber to achieve your non-toxic sleep.

KAPOK breathes beautifully because of those hollow fibers so it will not absorb or wick moisture, it is your sheets or under-blankets that take the moisture our bodies loose overnight.

Organic cotton blankets are available. We recommend Organature - product-category/bedroom/  . Also BIOME, BHUMI.

For more information about the remarkable properties and history of KAPOK please go to our information sections.     Ph:  0482 771 027

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