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Goldilocks Natural Bedding

Regular price $295.00

Goldilocks Natural Bedding Mattresses are filled with luscious sustainable KapoK fiber. They are light and easy to handle and come in a poly/cotton shell that resists moisture, mildew / mold and staining. No flame retardants. No fumigation / Unfumigated.

Aug 2020 update   ....   still waiting; We are eagerly awaiting resumption of shipping services to receive a new shipment from Indonesia that has 100% cotton shells. We will keep you advised when this happens. You are welcome to email us with expressions of interest and we will keep you on file and you will be the first to know.

Our KapoK mattresses are filled with chemical free, sustainable, true eco, natural fiber, vegan alternative which does not require processing other than cleaning seeds and debris to create the smallest eco-footprint fiber fill in the world.

Two sizes + Cot available ~ includes postage to anywhere in Australia

Single - 75cm W x 185cm L x 17cm - [7.5kg] * = $575. We do have some with slight markings on them, as they are artisan made, however this does not affect the quality of your sleep. Offering these at $525 including freight to anywhere in Australia[limited quantities] call us or email a note.

Single - 90cm W x 195-200cm L x 17cm   [9kg] * = Normally $675  however we only have 1 x 90cm wide available. This mattress does have slight markings on it as they are artisan made, however this does not affect the quality of your sleep.. available at a reduced price of $600 including freight to anywhere in Australia. Be quick.

Single [coming soon] - 105cm W x 200cm L x 17cm   [9.5kg] = $725  

*Advised to measure your bed!

Queen [Split-system] ~ 2 x 75cmW = 185cmL x 150cmW x 17cmD=$1150   or $1050 if you choose the reduced price option including freight to anywhere in Australia.

King [Split-system] ~ 2 x 90cmW = 200cm L x 180cm W x 17cm D=$1200 [1 only available] .  Alternatively you can purchase 3 - 75cm x 185cm and lay them across your bed base. New innovative concept for toxin free sleeping from Goldilocks Natural Bedding. 1st to offer this.

COT Mattress ~ 70cmW x 130cmL x 8cmD [appx 4kg]*=$295
(made to fit Australian standard cots & comes with free organic shell cot pillow )

Freight to anywhere in Australia is included in the price.

KapoK comes from the wild-harvested windfall seed pods of a majestic tree. KapoK is soft yet supportive giving us a comfortable, durable, affordable option to chemically treated cotton, wool, latex, foams, gels and other petrochemical synthetics.

KapoK is hypo-allergenic & non-toxic with its own natural anti-bacterial properties which means that dust mites/ bed bugs cannot live in it. Another unique property is KapoK's hollow fibers; firstly this makes the fiber moisture resistant meaning that your mattress and pillows cannot go moldy or mildewy and will not soak up your sweat. Secondly this makes your mattresses light and super easy to lift for rotation, flipping or placing out in the sunshine to take advantage of KapoK's other unique property.
As with all natural fibers there is compaction with use however KapoK loves a good sunning and will 'puff' back up when placed in direct sunshine for a couple of hours. Monthly is great but not critical or as needed. In the images you can see the difference between when I sunned one of my mattresses for 2 hours in a moderate sun shiny day.

Decades ago when only straw, horse hair or KapoK was used in mattresses KapoK had a reputation for clumping or being lumpy. This was because we did not know that putting our mattresses and pillows out into the sunshine would 'puff' them back up removing the lumps and bumps. Soft yet supportive sleep returned.

KapoK is the most environmentally eco-friendly, economical, fairly traded, naturally organic, vegan fiber to achieve your non-toxic sleep.

Why poly-cotton shells you ask? The reasoning is that because KapoK fiber fill is naturally moisture resistant it would be best to make the shell using moisture resistant fabric. You can then use a cotton under-blanket or mattress topper / protector that is much easier to wash than the casing of a mattress in case of liquid spills or sweat/perspiration. KAPOK will not absorb or wick moisture however it does breathe beautifully because of those hollow fibers meaning that you wash your sheets/protectors/toppers.

Organic cotton blankets or mattress toppers are available for those of you who would like a layer of organic cotton over the poly cotton mattress shell. We recommend Organature - product-category/bedroom/ 

Blessed Earth - denim-mattress-protector-with-zip-in-natural for their very down to earth service and prices. Also BIOME, BHUMI.

Being a natural fiber there is slight compaction over time however KapoK possesses the unique ability to ‘puff back up’ when placed in sunlight. Therefore regular airing/refreshing [monthly] is super good for refreshing you and your mattress.

For more information about the remarkable properties and history of KAPOK please go to our information sections.

Disclaimer: The making of our mattresses is done by expert mattress makers in Indonesia. Whilst all effort is made to ensure a perfect product our mattresses are Hand-Made in work places that are not mass producing factories. They are locally based and employ local people providing low-impact capacity building employment.

Some of the mattresses arrive to us with marks or discoloration on the external shell creating challenges for us as on-sellers as well as our clients who are unprepared for less than perfect product. Please contact us if one arrives to you that has slipped through our checks.

These marks or discoloration are purely external, on the shell fabric only and do not affect the quality of the mattress itself.  We are working with the mattress makers to reduce to a minimum any issues with the shells so that our mattresses look as fabulous as they feel.

We occasionally have mattresses that have markings that we offer at a reduced price. Please send us an email if you are interested.