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Goldilocks Natural Bedding

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Heavenly Head Pillows 

At last a pillow that is soft yet supportive. Luscious KapoK is a wonderful natural eco-fiber alternative to toxic petrochemical synthetics and animal byproducts. Made here in Australia using Australian sourced Organic Cotton and Hemp & Organic cotton shells, with or without zip. Our KapoK fiber comes chemical free from Indonesia.

We spend 6-10 hours a day with our heads on our pillows and many of us are questioning the impact of our bedding systems on our health. We are seeking solutions that are ethical, sustainable, durable, economical and beneficial on multiple levels. KapoK is our answer. Some of our clients have had their Kapok pillows for decades. Chemical free, naturally organic, vegan plant fiber & no fumigation.

70cm x 45cm  -  postage within Australia is included in this price.

1 x Heavenly Head Pillow - $ 90

2 x Heavenly Head Pillow - $175

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We have limited stocks of Calico [stitched only] or Poly-cotton [zip only] shells.
1 x Calico or Poly-cotton Head Pillow - $ 75
2 x Calico or Poly-cotton Head Pillow - $145

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Our standard fill of 630grams is medium loft and is just right for most Goldilocks sleepers. You can request low [600gr] or high [660gr] loft at no extra cost just let us know at checkout if you have a preference. 30grams may not seem like alot but makes a subtle difference.

You are welcome to request more kapok fiber [100gr=$11]  with no extra postage costs as it can be sent with your HEAVENLY HEAD PILLOW purchase [you will need to ask for this when ordering or send us an email].

Kapok molds easily to your preferred shape, shake to return to 'normal'. Kapok is naturally anti-bacterial so dust mites will not live in it and being a short silky hollow fiber is moisture resistant too. Kapok is a natural fiber and slight compaction does occur over time however; Kapok possesses the unique ability to ‘puff back up’ when placed in sunlight.

We sew our pillow shells here in Australia then fill them with Naturally Organic KAPOK using our unique 'blowing' technique for ultimate loft (see our info page for the eco & health benefits of kapok). Zipper models allow you to adjust the amount of fill to tailor to your specific needs or wash the shell whilst airing the fiber. Or our stitched model to be truly chemical free.

Cot Heavenly Head Pillows - Certified Organic Cotton or Calico shell

38cm x 28cm. Low Profile = $22 includes postage to anywhere in Australia. (2 or 3 can travel in the same parcel for no extra cost.) Add $14 per pillow.

Also available ; THE INBETWEENER - a perfect travel companion - Organic Cotton shell with side zipper or Calico Shell with stitched closure. Size 55cm x 40cm  = $75 or $145 for a pair which includes postage to anywhere in Australia.

Kapok is making a comeback. Hollow-fil, dacron and other micro fibers are created from coal & petroleum products that make plastic. They were made to mimick some of the magical properties of Kapok.

Some of my clients have a recollection of lumpy pillows from their childhood. What we often did not know is that being a natural fiber there is slight compaction over time however Kapok possesses the unique ability to ‘puff back up’ when placed in sunlight. Therefore regular airing/refreshing [monthly] is super good for refreshing you and your pillow.

Go to individual listings for ordering in shopping cart. If its not there please email us. All prices include postage within Australia. International freight inquiries please email us.

Our info page has loads of great info about KAPOK's history, benefits and uses over the centuries.