Grade 1 Kapok Fibre & Perfect Puppy Pillow / Small Dog / Cat Bed - Non-toxic, Handmade in Australia- fr.incl

Goldilocks Natural Bedding

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Goldilocks Natural Bedding supplies non-toxic Small Dog Bed Pillow suitable for your Puppy, small dog, elderly small dog or Cat up to 10kg, 20cm paw to shoulder. [Our current doggy model is oversize for our bed/pillows]

INTRODUCING - Perfect Puppy Pillow / Small Dog / Cat Bed - Box style 50x50x8cm medium fill with optional zippered removable poly cotton brown cover = $100 includes cover and postage to anywhere in Australia.

Our little friends spend up to 12 hours or more a day on their beds so it makes sense to give a naturally organic space for them to rest on.

Perfect Puppy Pillow KapoK filled beds are a light weight option that uses no water, chemicals or fertilisers to produce this natural silk like fiber. Because KapoK is naturally anti-bacterial dust mites, lice, fleas and bed bugs cannot live inside the fiber. KapoK has short silky hollow fibers that are naturally water resistant so any spills or leaks will not soak into the bed/pillow, just remove the cover and wash it and sponge any spills off the cushion then place in the sunshine to dry, refresh and puff back up again.

In fact KapoK fiber loves a good sunning and like all natural fibers it will compact over time and with use. A couple of hours in strong sunshine every 2-4 weeks will ensure a light fluffy bed pillow for your dog.

We also offer KapoK filling for you to create your own pillows, mattresses, bolsters, toys, meditation accessories or thermal clothing. Our Grade 1 KapoK Fibre is combed, brushed and mostly debris free. Weights available in 4 options – 200g, 1kg, 2kg price includes postage to anywhere in Australia. Express or registered is additional. Bales on application. 

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For more information about the amazing properties and history of kapok fiber head on over to our info section.