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Goldilocks Natural Bedding

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Goldilocks Natural Bedding has range of Yoga, Pregnancy, Body, Dutch Wives/Sailors comforts, Baby Roll and rolly-poly, & Sleep Bolsters all filled with grade 1 Kapok fiber in calico shells, while stocks last.  Each bolster comes with an optional removable drawstring cover (see list of colours below). Unfumigated / No fumigation. Artisan hand-made by us in Australia.

We also offer a limited range of zafu or crescent moon meditation cushions. Please email me so that I can let you know what sizes and colours are available. julie@goldilocksnaturalbedding.com/.au 

Scroll below the bolster info to see Zafu and EYE PILLOW info.

If ordering more than one item or bolster we will try to combine them into one parcel to save you $.

Yoga bolsters
Used for restorative yoga poses, especially back stretching which gives you excellent extension to the chest allowing deeper breathing and flexibility of the spine.
2 Sizes/Prices:
includes postage to anywhere in Australia
72cm long x 23cm dia - $80 - Various colour covers
95cm long x 23cm dia - $95 - Choc brown & Dark blue covers

Body bolsters
Also known as Dutch wives or Sailors Comforts these non-toxic,  elegant, portable pillows help alleviate back pain while sleeping and encourage an aligned body and restorative sleep.

4 Sizes/Prices:   includes postage to anywhere in Australia
90cm long x 17cm dia - $80 - various colour covers
120cm long x 17cm dia - $175 - Dark blue & Choc brown covers
180cm long x 17cm dia - $250 - Dark blue & Choc brown covers                   240cm long x 17cm dia - $375 - Dark blue & Choc brown covers

Note: If using a full length body pillow for sleeping it is recommended to place your head on a separate pillow and not on the body pillow.

Baby bolster & Baby Sleep Set
This lovely little bolster is useful for placing behind the back or neck to gently improve posture. Or as a soft yet supportive natural roll to place your colicky baby over to help relieve discomfort. You can add 1 or 2 rolls @ $10ea for no additional postage.
20cm long x 8cm dia
Price: $18 includes postage to anywhere in Australia

Our Baby Sleep Set has been designed to allow your baby to sleep between 2 small bolsters. This discourages rolling onto their back or off the bed/couch. An added bonus if you have a colicky baby is that you can rest them across a bolster and gently roll them whilst you are rubbing their backs to ease the bubbles out. $33 for the set including postage. As my brother once said..."Amazing isn't it. We can land a man on the moon but no-one has figured out how to get bubbles out of a baby yet."

Rolls - massage , neck & lumbar
Perfect for placing down your spine when sitting or driving or across your lower lumbar to relieve discomfort and improve posture. Masseuses will find them a perfect fit for placing beneath knees and ankles whilst massaging clients.
2 sizes - Prices: includes postage to anywhere in Australia
55cm long x 13cm dia - $42
40cm long x 15cm dia - $42

Drawstring Cover Colours: subject to availability
Mid Purple, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Mid Green, Teal, Mustard,  Red, Burgundy, Bottle Green, Mid Green, Chocolate, Teal, Black, Fuscia, Purple, Deep Blue, [Baby rolls - Yellow, Lilac & Flannelette (Cream)] please specify preference when ordering, we will let you know what colors we have in stock.

Goldilocks Natural Bedding provide the ultimate in organic meditation and massage comfort. Elevate your meditation practice to another level with our naturally organic Kapok-filled fairly traded products. Hand-Made here in Australia by us. Postage within Australia is included. Unfumigated / No fumigation.

Disclaimer: The inner shell of this product is made using calico. Calico is unbleached cotton and as such it is prone to random circular marks. This is a natural occurrence in calico and in no way detracts from the quality of your bolster or zafu.

Goldilocks appreciates your understanding.☺